Rent Storage

We have a variety of unit sizes to meet every storage need.

5X5 (5 x 5)

Typically, a 5x5 storage unit can hold:
- Twin or full size mattress.
- Dresser
- Seasonal home décor
- Pool accessories and gardening equipment.
- Carpets, lamps, end tables and other small décor items.
- Dining room chairs or stools.
- Baby accessories.
- Handful of small to mid-size boxes or storage containers

$20 / month

5X10 (5 x 10)

5x10 self storage unit is a 5 feet wide and 10 feet long small storage solution, totaling 50 square feet. For comparison, a 5x10 space is a small storage unit that's about the size of an average walk-in closet. Many units have an 8-foot ceiling, giving you up to 400 cubic feet of storage space.

$30 / month

10X10 (10 x 10)

The 10'x10′ is a medium-sized space of about one-hundred square feet or roughly half the size of a standard garage. You can comfortably fit the contents of a two-bedroom apartment and all the boxes and totes that go with them.

$55 / month

7x15 (7 x 15)

7x15 Unit is 105 square feet. This unit can hold items such as a refrigerator, washer/dryer, some furniture, many boxes, and miscellaneous items.

$40 / month

10X15 (10 x 15)

Our 10x15 units are the most popular storage unit size because of its versatility. These units work well for storing the contents of most standard-size homes or full apartments, including items such as big-screen TVs, tables, couches, fridge and several medium or large-size boxes

$65 / month

10X20 (10 x 20)

Typically, a 10x20 storage unit can hold:
- 2 sets of bedroom furniture.
- Queen or King size beds.
- Large appliances.
- Couches, living room sets, end tables and entertainment centers.
- Dining room sets.
- Office furniture.
- Large outdoor equipment.
- Multiple large boxes or storage containers.

$75 / month

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10X25 (10 x 25)

A 10' x 25' self storage unit measures 10 feet wide by 25 feet long. This gives a total of 250 square feet for floor storage. These storage units are large and will store most of the items you need.

$90 / month

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10X30 (10 x 30)

What can you fit in a 10x30 storage space?
- Bedroom Furniture (Multiple Rooms)
- Living Room Furniture Set.
- 4 to 6-Person Dining Room Set.
- Major Appliances (Washer/Dryer/Refrigerator)
- Exercise & Sporting Equipment (Treadmill, Bikes, etc)
- Boxes of Clothing/Household Items/Shoes.

$100 / month

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